Seiza – Traditional Formal Sitting

The Seiza is the traditional formal way of sitting in Japan. This form of sitting is used at the beginning and at the end of each class.
Seiza is also used when working on Newaza.

To sit in a Seiza, follow these steps:

1. We start when standing upright, feet together, hand at the sides of our thighs.
2. Left foot goes back and we kneel on our left knee, while keeping the right foot on the mat, and the left foot’s toes are still in contact with the mat
3. We bring the right foot next to the left foot, while all toes are still “digging” in the mat
4. We then un-“dig” are toes and place the back of our feet on the mat, while placing the right foot over the left foot. If you’re not flexible, the right big toe can overlap the left big toe.
5. We then lower ourĀ buttocks to our heels
6. We spread our knees to about two fists wide and place our hands on our upper thighs.